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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Nurturing bright futures 


Respect    Responsibility   Resilience 


‚ÄčMeet The Team


1P Class teacher - Miss E. Richards

1P Teaching Assistant - Mrs S. Hall

1G Class Teacher - Mrs Ferguson

1G Teaching Assistant - Mrs C Burden


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1G Email:


Updated General Information


Due to COVID parents are not able to come in to the classroom or cloakroom to settle their child.  Parents will hand children directly to the adults.


Reading books

Reading books are to be brought in to school daily and are changed when parents have signed the child's reading journal. 

Homework Journals

Homework journals  are to be handed in on Mondays. The journals will be checked and a total of points earned will be recorded.


Spellings and reading. 

Children will bring home spelling sheets. They will need to practise spellings and reading non decodable words that are taught within their Phonics sessions.


Water Bottles and Snacks
Children can bring their own water bottles into school to help keep them hydrated throughout the day. Children will be offered fruit during play time. 


Need help
If you have any questions or concerns about your child in school, please ask to speak to your child's class teacher by phoning the school office  The member of staff will ring you back at a convenient time.


Welcome to Year One.....we are Miss Richards (1P) and Mrs Ferguson (1G). We are very excited to be part of the Year One learning Journey with your child! The work outlines on our class pages will be updated each half term and this will inform you about what your child will be learning in school. A reading book will be sent home regularly for you to support and enjoy the reading experience with your child and we, as class teachers, will hear your child read often during Guided Reading and Phonic sessions within the school day.  

Phonics, English, Maths and Guided Reading takes place daily.  Year One will be taught Science once a week and Topic twice a week. They are taught handwriting once a week. The children are learning to join their writing.  

PE is taught by specialist teachers on a Tuesday and Friday.  

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us on our class e mails and we will be more than happy to support you.  


Spring 2 timetable.

Work Outlines.

Dinosaur Planet. 

Children will learn about dinosaurs and fossils, and the amazing discoveries of palaeontologists, such as Mary Anning.

Dinosaur Planet- Home Learning.

Useful Websites