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Learning Mentors

At Potters Green there are two Learning mentors who work with both children and their families. Mrs Smith is the senior learning mentor and is supported by Miss Gillespie. Learning Mentors help pupils to overcome barriers to learning.

What is a Learning Mentor?


A Mentor can help children and their families with any worries they may have. They will listen to both the children and if required the parents if they want someone to talk to.  A Mentor can spend some time with pupils to talk about their feelings and make life feel a little better.
Why would a child see or work with a Learning Mentor?


Children may see a Learning Mentor if:


·         Something is stopping them from doing their best in school
·         If they are worried about something
·         If they are having friendship worries


Sometimes to get extra help for the pupils they may need to talk to teacher or parents.


How does working with a mentor happen?


Children can be seen either individually  or within a small group depending on need.  Learning mentors may also support pupils in class or with a particular lesson. 


The Thrive approach


Potters Green is a Thrive School and this is becoming embedded across the school.  Thrive works by enabling staff to understand why pupils behave in certain ways so they can receive the appropriate support at the right level.  Learning Mentors lead Thrive groups and assessments across the school.


Dedicated email address for pupils


A dedicated email address has been set up for pupils to contact the learning mentors confidentially if they have any concerns or would like to speak to them.  This is particularly useful during COVID when children have been at home for significant periods of time.  The email is