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School Uniform Policy

(Agreed by Governors 19.10.22)


At Potters Green school the children are expected to wear the correct school uniform.  By wearing uniform it enables the children to feel that they belong to THEIR school and instills a strong sense of identity and belonging within the school.  It also removes unnecessary peer pressure with children not being expected to have the latest fashions or trends in clothes etc.


What do the children wear to school?


There is a school uniform and we expect our children to wear: -




  • Plain red sweatshirt/cardigan (preferably with the school logo)
  • Plain white shirt or polo shirt
  • Grey or black trousers or shorts
  • Red zip-up fleece for outdoors (optional)
  • Black Sensible and appropriate footwear preferably not trainers.
  • Plain red sweatshirt/cardigan (preferably with the school logo)
  • Plain white shirt  or polo shirt
  • Grey or black trousers, skirt, pinafore or shorts
  • Red checked summer dress
  • Red zip-up fleece for outdoors (optional)
  • Black Sensible and appropriate footwear preferably not trainers.



We are happy for children to wear plain items of clothing with no logo, but if you would like school uniform bearing our logo, it is available from Cat Ballou, The Burgess, Coventry  Prices can be obtained from the school office.


Very young children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and this is helped by sensible clothing ie Pull on trousers and Velcro shoes.  Children in Reception are encouraged to have a pair of wellington boots in schools so they can access the outdoor area fully.




Parents are encouraged to send their children to school in black plain shoes rather than trainers.  High heeled shoes and/or boots are not be worn as children run and play during playtimes and dinnertimes so these can be dangerous to themselves and others.




Parents were consulted on whether the school should adopt a standard unbranded PE uniform. Majority of parents were in favour of a common PE uniform which is unbranded.


  • It is important for children to have a change of clothes for P.E.


  • The PE uniform is a plain unbranded white T-Shirt and plain black shorts.


  • Pumps/Trainers are to be worn for PE.


  • When the weather is cold and children have PE outside pupils can wear a plain black tracksuit which is unbranded.


  • Sensible swim shorts or costumes (not bikinis) are required for swimming lessons, along with a towel.


  • We recommend that children wear a sun hat during the summer months.


  • Medium to long hair should be tied back when having a PE lesson.


Please note that children who regularly do not bring in a PE kit to take part in school PE lessons will not be permitted to take part in any PE related after school activities.


All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.


School Uniform Sales


Sales of nearly new school uniform are held regularly at school. A letter will be sent home providing details when a sale is planned.




On health and safety grounds children are not permitted to wear jewellery in school.


  • PIERCED EARINGS - Children should not wear jewellery to school. This includes necklaces or bracelets. Children with pierced ears are only permitted to wear plain stud earrings.  Children will be required to remove other types of earrings if worn within school as they are a safety risk when at play and during PE lessons.  Parents are requested to only get their children’s ears pierced during the summer holidays as this gives them the necessary time for them to heal before studs can be removed.  If children have newly pierced ears they must be covered during PE times.
  • WATCHES – Watches can be worn by pupils to read the time, they are not a fashion accessory.  Apple watches and other watches which connect to the internet eg to access social media, send messages or take photographs are not permitted for safeguarding purposes.  All watches are to be removed for PE for safety reasons. 
  • RELIGIOUS – If a parent wishes a child to wear an item or jewellery due to Religious observance/insignia this is to be discussed with the school and agreed in advance.  These items may still need to be removed for PE if deemed unsafe to either themselves or others during the lesson.


The School takes no responsibility for looking after any forms of jewellery within school.


Make up/Cosmetics/Nail Varnish/Fake Nails (including GEL and acrylic)


Make up, cosmetics and Nail Varnish are not considered appropriate or consistent with our school uniform and are not permitted in school.  The school does not permit such products to be worn by any children unless there is a specific event for which the Head has given prior permission.  Nail varnish must be removed before children come back to school.  GEL and acrylic nails are not to be worn in school as these pose a risk of injury to the pupil and others.


Hair Accessories


Children should not be wearing elaborate headbands, scarves or hair decorations.  Medium to Long hair must be tied back for PE.  Failure to tie hair back could lead to children not able to take part in some of the PE activities on health and safety grounds eg climbing apparatus in the hall.


Optional Items


Through parents can also purchase Book bags, fleeces, coats and polo shirts with the school logo if they wish.


Other items/equipment


  • MOBILE PHONES - Older children are permitted to bring a phone into school if prior agreement with the school has been made.  This would only apply to children who are making their journey to and from school without an adult for safety purposes.  These phones are handed to their class teacher and locked away.  The phones are not permitted to be used on site without exception. The school takes no responsibility for these phones.
  • CLASS EQUIPMENT – Older children are permitted to bring into school their own equipment eg pencils, rubbers, colouring equipment.  Children are encouraged to bring in a book from home they are reading (age appropriate).
  • TOYS – Toys are not allowed in school unless with prior agreement has been reached between school and home.


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