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School Vision

Our vision at Potters Green School is to nurture the bright futures of our pupils by giving them a love of learning, broadening their life experiences and enabling them to develop key skills for future success.

Core Values

Our newly adopted Values and Ethos are at the core of everything we do and enable the school to continue, 'Nurturing Bright Futures.' They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.  We respect the uniqueness and individuality of each person and promote a, 'Can Do' approach in all that we do.  These new values were created by the whole school community and are reinforced in play and learning throughout the day.  Parents are also encouraged to support the children in developing these values both at home and in school.

School Rules


The following statements constitute our school rules and link with the values of our school. They can be applied through the school and our community and be applied to all areas and environments.  The rules were written in consultation with all pupils at the school.


At Potters Green School we aim to always be our best self, even if people aren’t watching. Our school rules help us to do this.


  • We are kind and helpful
  • We always have good manners
  • We look after everyone's property
  • We are honest and take responsibility for our actions
  • We respect differences as we are all equal
  • We work hard
  • We will not hurt others

British Values


What are fundamental British Values?


In 2014, the Department for Education (DfE) instructed all schools to promote 'British values' and advised that this is done through SMSC.


Ofsted who require schools to promote 'British values' at every level including through their SMSC development, the curriculum and school leadership.


The fundamental British values are:


  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • tolerance and support


How does SMSC promote fundamental British values (FBV)?


As a school we have embedded SMSC in all aspects of school life, from individual lessons to extra-curricular activities and assemblies.  The school uses Cornerstones as a vehicle for its curriculum delivery for a variety of foundation subjects.  Cornerstones put SMSC at the heart of its curriculum by basing it's pedagogy, The Four Cornerstones, on the aspects of SMSC.  As a school we are able to evidence SMSC in our teaching and learning