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Writing Activities (including gross and fine motor activities to support pencil grip and control)

In Nursery developing the skills the children need to write involves a wide range of activities.  The current focus on the writing activities page is developing the children's understanding that the writing marks we make share meaning.  This starts by them watching an adult writing for a reason that is meaningful to the child.  The child can then join in by drawing independently with the adult writing words or sentences to label their drawings.  Encourage them to have a go at labelling their drawings with their name.  They may even want to have a go at making writing type marks and telling you what they mean to the child.  When the children are drawing support them by giving them a picture to look at and talk to them about what they might need to include in the drawing rather than doing the drawing for them to then colour in.  As they begin to look more carefully and record more details they are developing the skills they need to write as well as developing their vocabulary through listening and talking.  As the children grow more confident writing their names they may start to use some of the letters from their name in their writing type marks.  At this stage it does not matter if they are using the correct letters and sounds it is just important that they realise that those letters share meaning.  One of the other areas that is of great importance when learning to write is the development of good fine motor skills and this is where manipulating dough and construction toys can really help.  Why not have a go at making the dough from the recipe in the home learning pack.  

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