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The emergence of writing.


Children will be starting their journey to writing at different stages.  Initially they may make marks and this is early writing.  Support your child with the stage they are at.  Some children will need further support to develop their pincer grip. Using playdough, tweezers, large chalk, throwing and catching balls, pouring and emptying can support the gross motor skills needed to develop a pincer grip for writing.  Celebrate your child's contributions to mark making and early writing.  When they are secure with the early stages of mark making and emergent writing , they will develop their writing confidently and start to apply their phonic knowledge into their independent writing.  


Helping your child with word and sentence writing in Reception 


In Reception it is important children learn to apply their phonic knowledge to their writing, without adult support.

In our school the children don't do any "copy writing"- which is when an adult writes a word or sentence out for the children to copy. 

The adults teach and encourage the children to stretch out the words that they are trying to write, then write down the sounds that they hear. The words might not be spelt correctly, but this is OK. What we want to see is a "plausible attempt".

When writing a sentence, the children may need support with what words will be included in their sentence, they are then encouraged to write it themselves, with the adults reminding them to start a sentence and name with a capital letter and to leave a finger between each new word and to put an full stop at the end of the sentence. The adult might also remind them what word comes next in their sentence, but the children are encouraged to read their sentences back to help with this.  


There are some useful websites below that offer further guidance and ideas.