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Wraparound Provision until the end of the Autumn Term 2021


Booking forms will be sent to all parents on Friday 3rd September 2021




  • The opening hours of before and after school childcare are: 7:30-8:45 & 3:15-5:45.
  • There will be a £2 late fee if parents do not pick up after 5:45pm.
  • Charges are based on a flat rate irrespective of how long a pupil attends the session.
  • The breakfast club session is £6 a session.
  • The after school session is £9 a session.
  • Parents have to book a term in advance and will be charged for these bookings, even if the child does not attend the session.
  • Payment is in advance.  The total termly cost of the advanced bookings will be divided equally across the months of the term and parents will pay their fees on the 1st day of the month.
  • Payments can only be made electronically through the school system.  We will not be able to accept cash payments.
  • For parents of shift workers written evidence would need to be provided to the Headteacher requesting a flexibility in booking and proof of shift worker status would need to be submitted.  The Headteacher would then inform the parent of the outcome of the request.
  • The school will always try to accommodate an urgent request if numbers allow as long as this was not a regular occurrence as then advance booking would be required.
  • By requesting a place for childcare you agree to all of the non-negotiables.


Update on the Wraparound Consultation Remaining Open


In the summer term the school undertook a consultation process with the existing Wraparound users and those who would need it in September 2021.  These same families were sent a booking from to demonstrate their commitment in using Wraparound from September 2021.


The before and after school provision was based on a different staffing structure and on fees being increased.  There were also other factors that parents would be agreeing to if using the provision.  The initial consultation demonstrated a much higher number of pupils needing the provision but when provisional bookings for September were requested there was a significant reduction in need. 


The current position at the moment is that not enough parents have opted for the before and after school provision, this means that income (generated by fees) did not match the expenditure.  Therefore the provision was not self-financing.  However it has been decided to continue the provision for one more term as we are hoping that there will be more of a sign up to this once the Autumn Term begins.  The school has managed to access a small sufficiency grant from the LA for the autumn term to cover any deficit for that one term.  We will be advising parents in a timely manner, no later than the mid-Autumn term, whether the before and after school club will remain open after Christmas.  This means that parents can make alternative arrangements if needed.


On the Teacher Training day at the start of the school year, all parents who require the before and after school club facility will have to complete a new booking form ready for when the pupils return to school in September.  This will be sent to all parents via email.


Please remember: Tax Free Childcare

The tax free childcare scheme is available to all eligible parents who register for an account to pay their child/children’s fees.  For parents who register, for every £8 that parents pay into the account, the government will pay an extra £2.00.  This can then be used to pay your provider (the school) is a good link for parents to read.

Wraparound Staff

(for the Autumn Term 2021)


Playleader: Mrs K. Lilley

Play Assistants: Mrs F. Smith, Mrs C. Marshall, Miss B. Taylor