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Phonics Alliteration Activities

Developing our awareness of Alliteration

As well as being able to hear the rhyming sound at the end of words the children need to begin to hear the initial sound at the beginning of words too.  Here are some activities that you could try at home to help.  


Super Smoothies Alliteration Game

The Phonics Play website is available to access free at home at the moment by putting in the user name march20 and the password home.  From the menu on your phone if you click on the + next to resources and click phase 1 there are some phonics games the children can play.  The 'Super Smoothies' game allows the children to drag the pictures that start with the same sound into the blender.  

'Sound Box' alliteration song

Pinky Party Pig alliteration song

Socks and Snakes and Sausages alliteration song.

Making Aliens alliteration game

Super Scrumptious Snacks Alliteration Game

I Spy Treasure Hunt Game

Bertha the Bus goes to the Zoo

Bertha goes to the zoo picture resources from Twinkl