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School Coronavirus Update

Good Morning - 


As you will be aware the prime minister has announced that the UK has moved to the ‘delay’ phase in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), confirming that schools will remain open (for the time being).

Over the past couple of weeks, as a school we have been stepping up our cleaning and sanitising efforts to ensure that all our classrooms and external spaces are as clean and bacteria free as possible.  We have also been ensuring that ALL children wash their hands more frequently.


From this week we are taking further measures to ensure we are doing all we can in the weeks running up to the Easter Holidays.


Hand Washing:

Children and Staff will wash their hands when they arrive at school, at break and lunchtimes and before they leave.  Children will be supervised going to the toilets by a member of staff.  They are supervised washing their hands for 20 seconds.


School Activities:

  • Parents evening this week will be cancelled
  • Whole school assemblies will not take place
  • School achievement assemblies will be no larger than a year group and without parents in attendance.
  • Parent assemblies will be cancelled.
  • Any school trips will not go ahead
  • Sporting fixtures will not go ahead.
  • Potters Tots will be cancelled until further notice
  • Meetings will be minimised and only essential meetings will take place
  • Where general communication with parents is needed conversations will be held over the phone rather than face to face.

     We will update you if there are further changes.

    We have looked at a number of dates and key school events up until Easter and are making a number of changes to ensure that we support the Government’s “delay” phase.  I apologise about the changes or disruption that this may cause, but regrettably, this is beyond our control.   Of course, these will be subject to change as we get more updates and advice for the Government.

    Please do look at the website for further details as we make daily updates.

    I thank you for your support and understanding.

    D Newman