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Review of Drop Offs and Collections

Friday 4th September 2020
Dear Parents /Guardians
I am writing to update you of some small changes next week which will hopefully make
things easier for our families during this new way of working. We all understand the
importance of children being back in school from an educational and social perspective.
Therefore to ensure that all children are permitted to be in school we need to follow
government guidance.
Although we have started a new school year with everyone coming back into school, we
need to remind ourselves that the vast majority of our children have not had any formal
schooling since schools closed in March. We appreciate your patience and understanding
this week as the school has worked towards settling pupils back in to the school
environment and this new way of working.
The greatest COVID related risk regarding the full admittance of pupils, is at the start and the
end of the school day. We have been instructed, from a public health perspective, to stagger
the drop off and collection times to maximise the safety of individual classes of children and
their families.
Can I please ask if you could make every effort to adhere to the plans we have put in place,
however challenging they may seem at the moment, reassured that that they will be subject
to regular review.
With regards to drop off and collection of children please could you make every effort to
stick to the allocated times. Parents must not be waiting outside the school site or waiting to
wave their child goodbye in a morning as this means that when the next drop off time is
happening there are too many parents outside of the school. Parents must take
responsibility for socially distancing themselves and ask you to set this example to the
children. The staggered start and end times are essential to being able to accommodate all
year groups returning to school safely within the building. It would not be safe for all
children to start or finish school at the same times.
The school has listened to its parents and we have added in to the staggered drop off and
collection times an additional ‘sibling’ time. To avoid parents having to wait between
sessions when collecting children from different year groups, they can collect all their
children if in Year 1 to Year 6 together from the playground. Unfortunately this does not
include Nursery and Reception classes as they are in a completely different part of the
Staggered Start/End Times
Year Group Start of
the day
End of
the day
Gate Access
Nursery For the next two weeks, children have been given identified
times for their children. This was communicated via email. If
you are not sure please use the nursery email page and Mrs
Ridley will get back to you.
Reception 9:15 1:00 1 week only (WB 07.09.2020)
Reception 9:15 3:00 For the rest of the term.
Year 1 8:45 2:45 Side Gate
Year 2 8:55 2:55 Side Gate
Year 3 9:05 3:05 Side Gate
Year 4 9:15 3:15 Side Gate
Year 5 9:15 3:15 Main Gate
Year 6 9:05 3:05 Main Gate
(Y1 TO Y6)
9:20 3:20 Parents are to wait on the lower part
of the playground behind the conessocially
I would like to thank all the parents and those who support them in bringing and collecting
their children to/from school. Each day we have seen significant improvement as to how this
is working. The children are a real credit to their parents and the school because they have
followed all the rules and have adapted to the new ways of working well.
I wish you and your families a lovely weekend.
Kind Regards
Mrs Gillian Deery