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Plans for Phased Return to School

21st May 2020


Dear Parents

I hope you are all well. I would like to update you on a number of important matters regarding school opening.

Firstly, school will be closed to ALL children on Monday 25th May. We will open for the rest of the half term week for our current key worker and vulnerable children only.

During half term week we will not be setting home learning activities, these will resume the following week.

As a school we have been preparing the environment and planning to welcome children back to school. I want to reassure you that the safety of children and staff is paramount in all our decisions. I am also working very closely and liaising with Mrs Deery, our new Headteacher who actually takes up post on 1st June!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our teachers who have volunteered to work during the holidays and who are working hard in the background doing all they can to support our children and families.  Through challenging times, it has been great to see everybody pull together.  Teachers, families and communities all helping one and other.

Whatever announcements follow in the coming weeks, we are preparing to extend our opening of school whether this is the 1st June or later. We have created a plan for week 1 and 2 of the phased reintegration to school.

For those of you with children from YR, Y1, Y6 there are details about how we plan to reintegrate children.  We are planning a safe, staged approach. Please make sure that you notify school if your child will be attending before 12 noon on Tuesday 26th May. We will be organising groups so that we can inform parents by the end of that week of when each child will be in school. 

No doubt you are thinking about the options for coming back to school, hopefully, the following information will help you understand how we plan to manage it at Potters Green School.

Please can I ask that you communicate with school prior to bringing children to school.  This is essential if you want your child to attend. There will be strict guidelines on children being allocated a place prior to them attending.

The following page gives a detailed outline.  It is important to realise that our initial plan is for the first two weeks as things will be reviewed and change according to guidance and advice.

Once again thank you for all you have done in helping and supporting the situation we have had to deal with.


In line with guidance from DfE and Coventry Local Authority we have designed a plan for the first two weeks of school re-opening.  This may be 1st June or later depending on government announcements.

We will continue to be open to offer places for priority group, our vulnerable and key worker children. These children will remain as a group – a social bubble. There may be more than one priority group depending on numbers. Please contact the school if you require a place for your child.  We do need prior notice to ensure social distancing rules can be applied.


Phased plan 1






Week 1

1st June or as advised

Groups of staff in school

Extended priority group introduced

Allocated Reception children in school

Week 2

Reception – group 1

Year 1 – group 1

Year 6 – group 1

Reset day

Deep clean


Reception – group 2

Year 1 – group 2

Year 6 – group 2




School needs to be notified by 12 noon on Tues 26th May  if a place is required for your child in school (children cannot turn up on the day and expect to be admitted). If you have not requested a place for week 1 then your child cannot attend until week 3.

To ensure that all children can be allocated to a group prior to their arrival. If school has not been notified the child can be added after advance notice and review date   (every 2 weeks). 

You will receive acceptance and group details with times and days allocated.

There will be allocated drop off and collection times and points. Start and finish times may be staggered.

School will know how many children to expect and can cater space and resources accordingly.

To help minimising the number of people on site at any one time. 

Only one parent can bring a child to school.

To minimise people on site at any one time.

Social distancing rules must be followed outside school gates whilst waiting. Also, families must continue to follow government guidance on social distancing especially if children are in school.

To minimise risk of transmitting the virus.

To ensure safety of our staff, children and school community.

Children will be dropped at the gate – a member of staff will guide them to their classroom.

Parents are not permitted to be in the school building. 

To ensure a smooth movement flow within school grounds and minimise adults around school.

Children will be in small groups of 10 maximum.


This will become their social bubble and they will only interact within this small group.

To minimise risk of transmission.

They will be allocated a teacher who will be their named adult.  This may not be their class teacher.


Keeping people and group contact to a minimum.  This teacher will remain with this group at all times.

Teachers will not move around groups.

All breaks and lunch times will be spent together. No other items to be brought in from home other than a lunch bag.

Packed lunches only. To remove the need to use canteen area. To ensure that only essential, clean and sterile items from home are in school. 

Children will be given dates to attend – this may be only one year group and two days at a time, initially.

To allow for a number of groups to attend school in a phased way.

Siblings will be grouped to attend on the same days.

To help families with work and home organisation.

Our focus will be on helping the children to feel safe and gain in confidence.

Understanding that we need to ensure our well-being is considered as this has been a time of worry and concern for everybody - including children.



Kind regards


Mrs Debbie Newman