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Letter to Families in Years Reception, 1 and 6


Dear parents/carers

We recently wrote to you asking for your patience whilst we start our planning towards re-opening for some year groups (Reception, Year 1 and Year 6) as well as the children currently in school. In order to help us to plan, we now need to know how many children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 would want a place.

The government have advised us that:

  • Children in eligible year groups (Reception, 1 and 6) are strongly encouraged to attend
  • Children of key workers and who are vulnerable should attend
  • Children and staff classed as extremely vulnerable due to medical conditions should not attend
  • Children should not attend it they have symptoms or are self-isolating
  • Parents will not be fined if they do not send their child to school.

Full guidance for you can be found here:

We are still at the planning stage, working hard with the Local Authority and other schools to make sure we follow guidance and keep safety a top priority.

To help with our preparation and organisation around groupings in school and staffing, could you please fill in the slip below, indicating whether you wish to send your child into school.  It is important that parents realise that children will be in small groups to allow social distancing to keep everyone safe. Children will stay in these small groups, with a member of school staff, for all parts of the school day and will not be able to mix with other groups of children. It is also possible that your child may not be with their usual teacher and that they may not be able to come to school every day of the week, due to the need to organise them differently, following guidance.

As soon as we have gathered all of this information from parents, we will be able to communicate our plans with you.

We know that you will have questions about many things, but we still have lots of planning to do and ask you to be patient until we can give you more information.


Please write your child’s name on this slip and return this slip by Wednesday 20th May.




When schools can open to Years R, 1 and 6, I would like a place for my child/ren:


Child’s name

In Reception


In Year 1


In year 6




Signed ____________________________________________  Date ____________________


You can either drop this slip into the school office, give the school a call on 02476613670 or email the information to

It would be extremely helpful if we could have this information from you by Wednesday 20th May.


Thank you

Mrs D Newman and Mrs G Deery