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Letter to children and families

28th April 2020

Hello to all the children and families of

Potters Green Primary School.

This is just a little note to let you know that we are thinking of you everyday.

Your teachers have been calling you on the phone to see how you are and replying to your emails.  Thank you for the photos and emails you have been sending,  It is good to see some of the great things you have been doing. 

We understand that it is really strange for you right now.  You are missing your friends and your teachers. BUT …

HANG IN THERE  because you are amazing. We will get through!


We can’t promise when we will see you in school again – but we will be back at school as soon as it is safe to be.

Remember you have a class email so you can send a message to your teacher on your class page or to Mrs King,        or to me

There are lots of things for you to look at on the website and our twitter feed.

Keep talking 😊    Keep smiling 😊


Mrs Newman