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Learning Skills

At Potters Green School we believe that all children have the potential to succeed and to be successful, if they are taught the skills they need in order to do so. This is why, in addition to the National Curriculum, we enable the children to build, develop and embed learning skills too! This gives all of the children the opportunity to become successful, lifelong learners.
Children are not born with the ability to manage their distractions, evaluate their choices or make decisions about their own learning needs to name just a few areas. They need to be taught these skills by their parents and by us as educators. They need to be taught to develop their learning skills.
In Potters Green, children in year 1 receive discreet learning skills lessons every week and the skills that they learn here are then developed within the 'Creative' Curriculum and across the whole school curriculum. In years 2 - 6 children have been developing their understanding of learning skills over the past two years and are now developing these within the whole school curriculum.
We teach learning skills (based on Guy Claxton's Building Learning Power) as we believe that by giving the children the skills that they need in order to learn, they will be more successful in other areas of learning related to specific subjects and be able to face and embrace both learning and life challenges as they grow up.
We focus on four specific areas:
Resilience - Feelings towards learning
Reciprocity - Relating to learning 
Resourcefulness - Thinking about learning
Reflectiveness - Managing learning
If you would like to find out more about Guy Claxton's Learning Power, you can do so by using the following web address:
Do you want to know more about how we develop your child's learning skills at Potters Green School? If so, please speak to your child's Class Teacher or our Deputy Head Teacher.


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