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Week 4 - 13.4.20



Here are some activities designed to help you learn about and understand why and how we celebrate Easter every year. 

The Easter Story

These online resources will help you to remember or learn about the origins of our Easter celebration. 

Easter Reading


Here are some texts that you can read to find out about Easter. I have also assigned some books on Epic! for you to read (please email for your log in details!) You could read the text online and then answer the questions verbally, or write the answers in your yellow book under the title "Easter Story".


Parents: Please note the 'star-rating' at the bottom of the reading comprehension pages. They are designed to reflect a range of abilities with one star being the most accessible... please choose the one that you feel your child is most comfortable with.  

Celebrating Easter

What will you and your family do this week to prepare for and celebrate Easter? It might look a little different this year - which things will stay the same? Which will have to be done a little differently? Maybe you could use some of the craft resources to leave a little treat on your neighbours doorsteps when you are out for your walk and spread a little joy! 

Now - a challenge!


Using the information and vocabulary that you have been learning, can you write an acrostic poem that celebrates Easter? We will publish the best ones on Twitter!

You could use the template provided, or make and decorate your own. Maybe you could choose a different word thats related to Easter instead? 

Don't forget to email them to us... or